Saturday, May 26, 2012

So Far so good...

Well the Flesh Tearers are fleshing out, (Pun intended) LOL. I have a 10 man assault squad to do, 10 man death company, 5 man sanguinary guard, furiso dreadnought, Librarian to paint up then 1 storm raven, 2 rhinos, Baal predator and the new storm talon to do and finished with this army for awhile. I know the storm talon isn't for a BA army but the model is too cool to pass up. I am beginning to HATE painting red and black LOL. I'm looking forward to being able to play some games with this army soon. I am a believer in "rule of cool" so not to worried about winning any games just having fun with them for now. I refuse to play with an unpainted army, so haven't played with them yet should be intresting when i do begin to play. My next army on deck after this one will be a Dark eldar witch cult army, i have all the models waiting in the wings ready to go.

WIP some of my Terminators

They are getting there, almost done tonight I finished cleaning up the black and red now to line highlight the red and finish off bases. Then on to my 10 man assault squad.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Well today i am continuing my 2 5 man Terminator squads. 1 5 man with Assault cannon and 1 5 man close combat squad with lightning claws and thunder hammers and storm shields. Also I am going to go to a camera shop and check out a light tent to get an idea on how to take better shots of my miniatures.

On a side note I read alot of blogs concerning Miniatures and modelling 1 I really really like is check his page out good stuff

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Some of my stuff

My Chaplin, First attempt at Black power Armor.
 Here is some of My flesh Tearers I have completed
Gabriel Seth

Scout Sgt.

Scout 1

Scout Hvy. Weapon

scout 4

scout 5

Tactical Squad 1

Flags not done but will be when I apply Transfers

Special weapon for Sqd 1, very proud of scorch effect on flamer

Hvy for Sqd 1

Tactical squad 2

Special weapon for Sqd. 2

Squad Sgt. tried for purple lightning not sure of effect thou

Hvy weapon for squad 2
This where I paint My Miniatures, Down in My MAN cave!!!

Monday, May 21, 2012


Hello, this is going to be my spot on the web to speak about my Hobby of Miniature painting collecting and converting. I mostly collect for Warhammer 40k, with a few cool looking minis for other Games workshop systems. May in the future start collecting Warhammer Fantasy Battles stuff but currently going to stick with 40k. I have never done a blog before so this is something new for me, I have been involved with Games Workshop products for 24 years or so. On again off again over this time frame i have collect most armies.

I by no means am a GREAT painter or modeller, I have learned alot from reading blogs I have found and attempting to apply what I have read or seen to my models, with varying degrees of sucess and failure. But what i have learned from all of this time is to paint for yourself and your enjoyment in the hobby. I at one time didn't do this and the hobby became a chore and no longer enjoyable to me. So I quit playing and painting. Well now I am back recharged and ready to go!!

My current project is : My Fleshtearer Space Marines. When I get more orginized i will attempt to post pictures of WIP shots of them, remember I am new at this blogging thing will figure it out eventually!! I hope