Thursday, October 4, 2012

Morallity VS Your Pocket book??

Welcome Back intrepid reader,

Today I received 1 of my packages I've been waiting on for a few weeks. In this package was 1 contemptor pattern dreadnought and 1 of each weapon choice for the dreadnought. I bought it on EBay for the lowdown price of 80.00!!! I know your going to scream KNOCKOFF!!! or RECAST!!!
 My thing is I spend ALOT of money on my miniatures, I have legit Forge world stuff and I have what I believe to be knockoffs. Thing also is I put the "knockoff" next to my Legit forge world stuff and I can't tell the difference, they are of the same crispness and the resin is of the same color as forge world "legit" stuff. So my question to you all is this, Why should it really matter? once cleaned up, primed and then painted you can't tell the difference and I just saved myself and family almost 50 to 100 dollars!!! which means I have the extra money to go and buy GWS new codex for CSM and models from my local hobby shop.

On the hobby front, I have a little thing I am working on for a friend, I will post pictures of said project soon, I promise I have alot of pictures and stuff I am building up for a few weeks worth of picture posts.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Benn in a Funk!!!!

Welcome back intrepid reader,

Lately I've been in a painting funk, I received my replacement paints been itching to paint but when I sit down to apply paint to miniature... Nothing, it's like a dog seeing a squirrel, I get side tracked modelling or surfing the net for inspiration. I want to paint i really do but I have a block or something that won't allow me to sit and paint.

Maybe i should switch up my projects? I am at a lose for what to do, someone anyone please help!!!

On the modelling side I have almost as many Painted space marines as i have unpainted now, Primed sitting patiently waiting for paint. They are primed based and ready for paint just no paint!!!